Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meals on Cathay Pacific (SIN-PAR)

Airline food, has always been another point of interest apart from going on a holiday. Cathay Pacific has been a personal favourite airline to travel on for the longest time. Being on a long haul for the first time, I was doubly excited.

So the route would go....SIN-HKG-PAR. 17 hours was the duration of the total flight, I arrived bleary eyed with barely enough sleep but I would not complain...not when I was already in the land I have been dreaming day and night over!


Packets of peanuts were served up almost immediately after take off. Nicely vacuumed, these were not the least bit oily, as if roasted.


Chicken with mash and seasonal vegetables 

Blanched vegetables that were a tad soft though the chicken was not too bad. I've learnt to appreciate mash.

Fish and rice with red capsicums and kale

This was a huge tum-warmer, rice probably never tasted this good. Even the soft kailan could not refrain me from polishing this down to the last grain.

Low Fat/Low Cholesterol Meal

Dad had the option of a Low Fat Low Cholesterol Meal. Yes, they do take into careful consideration the dietary restraints but still manage to serve up an equally delish meal! No compromise on taste here.

Prepacked beancurd was surprisingly good...silken soft and moderately sweet.


I certainly was not expecting full fledged supper being offered on board after the short stopover and I was in for a treat!


Cucumber with surimi, zucchini and Italian herbs dressing

By this point, I was pretty satisfied with the food dished up..until I had the salad. Oddly put together with a dash of seasoning that obviously did not go with the salad. Cold-Salty combination. Not a favourite.

Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Cream

Phew! Vanilla cake with a touch of sugee with the melt in the mouth finish.


Warm, toasty and best of all...chewy!

Pork with mushroom, capsicum and cream sauce, carrot mash

Decent attempt though the colours could be made more appetizing.

Fusili with corn zucchini sauce and parmesan cheese

This came across a tad dry, almost like a sub par effort of a novice cook.

Midnight Snack

Snacks galore to feed any hungry tum...the option of cup noodles was also available. Adore the savoury spring onion biscuits that taste so close to Pringles and Arnotts butter biscuits!

Continental Breakfast

There is nothing a sip of icecold apple juice and orange juice cannot fix.

Ham and Cheese Bread

When heated up, these were divine. Chewy bread with just the right amount of cheese and ham on good, I had the appetite for three of these!



Selected Pastries

These were pre-packed hence the drier than usual texture for the pastry. Liked the milky aftertaste of the  vanilla muffin though. I actually liked how breakfast on Cathay is way different from the usual boring sausage-omelette option.

I probably watched 3 movies throughout the entire flight and attempted to twist my neck in various sleeping positions but by the time I touched down Paris at a bright 630am, I was ready to take on the world.


  1. i'm going for my first long-haul trip to UK in july :) haha I don't fancy plane meals cos i tend to get a bit nauseous in flight. in fact, I feel uneasy whenever I see aluminium foil packaged meals lol

  2. awwww..lucky you! Are you gg on a hol???

    oh dear, do you have motion sickness too? I normally get it bad on ferries . I must be sucha greedy goose to find plane food palatable. =P

  3. exchange programme trip (: haha the school i'm visiting is in cornwall but i think (please please please) we'll be stopping over at london for a day.

    yup i have motion sickness but its milder now as compared to in the past. up till i was thirteen years old, except for a short flight to penang, i've puked on every single plane ride oO

    usually when i board the plane i'll tell myself not to touch the plane food so that i'll be less at risk of feeling overly queasy. but in the end, i usually eat everything up anyway cos i can't resist the temptation!

  4. Sounds weird, but I'm actually missing plane food.

  5. @ stargirl: LUCKY YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! how long? i always seek comfort in anti montion sickness pills!

    @ice: hahaha...I'm kinda loving plane food..! So far, only one airline made me gag with the quality of food.

  6. i think it's about eight days long. you sure sound like you'd like to visit the UK! i don't take motion sickness pills but i use these acupunture motion sickness bands (winter time sells it) which compresses a nerve in the wrist.

  7. wanted to include UK as part of the trip but had to give it up cos of the routes...there's SO MUCH to love about UK! have fun yea!!!