Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tampopo Deli @ Liang Court 2

Do not belittle the power of cravings, I've learnt. Riding high on the Tampopo fever (not that I've given up on K Ki and my stoke of bad luck with the pumpkin puddings and strawberry tarts) and the newly found luck, I returned for seconds thirds ...more!

Brushing aside the impatient waitress, I took an hourglass worth of sand-trickling moments to hem and haw over my picks of the day.

Cream Puff ($2.60)

This was left to cool for a weebit longer than the last attempt resulting in lighter pastry puff and more flowy cream! The cream spills out of the shell like lava would from a volcano, almost naturally and yes, I would dirty my fingers for this and this alone. Cry me a river, Justin Timberlake croons...I say, Cry me a Creampuff.

It was rainbows-unicorns-ponies fantabulous while it lasted.

Twin towers of delight.

Tart Pudding ($6)

Wobbly like jelly, the caramel pudding on top the tart was most distracting. I double gulped after spying it behind the glass panels. Have it, I must!

Caramel pudding so wobbly and meltworthy with a delicate torched sugar shell. I fell in love with the pudding! Prod further, you reach an almond tart so crunchy and fragrant...the balance was pure sublime. Two loves, wondrously encapsulated...yes, it blew my mind, breath and thoughts away.

It's not quite me to sex-sationalise food but...I lost the battle here. Orgasmically good, if "Mmm" is as far as I go...I gasped, coo-ed, giggled and almost moaned in delight with every bite.

Pass the tissue to stop the drool, please.


Mont Blanc ($6)

Will the real Mont Blanc please stand up?

Wiki says...The Mont Blanc is often a cupcake, tart, or rollcake, topped with cream. Often a chestnut that is cut in half will top it.

That, explains the difference. I shall sum it up within my narrow means.

K Ki - Tart, genoise sponge, chestnut,cream, chestnut swirl

Canele - Tart, whipped cream, chestnut swirl

Tampopo Deli - Tart, chestnut, whipped cream, chestnut swirl

I've fallen prey so dangerously to the swirls of chestnut paste. Every sighting leaves me weak in the knees and refusing anything else but it. Tampopo's edition is explained above, slightly different from the rest. After the heavenly tart of Caramel Pudding Tart, this falls short. Crumblier and less firm, still delicious but I wish there was more crunch. The chestnut embedded within had been soaked in alcohol, a lovely find! Unlike K Ki, Tampopo's chestnut swirls are slightly on the sweet side and less rich.

Teatime Light Cake ($1.80) 

These cups made perfect for tea. Soft sponge that their famous scoop cakes and chiffon cakes are made from...no, it does not stop there. A generous squirt of cream within....lovely!

Yet another dazzling display by Tampopo Deli. Cream's my newfound BFF. 

Move over black pig ramen, Tampopo's desserts should be crowned signatures instead. Quees at Tampopo Deli? Sold out? I totally understand why.

It's a tough fight between K Ki and Tampopo for both deserve my sworn allegiance. Unintentially I compare both, K Ki's desserts are light hearted...Tampopo's solid with a punch. The satisfaction is where you see and taste it, given the substantial portions. I've found my King and Queen of Hearts...I hope you have, too. :)

Did I mention they have petit fours up for grabs? For the fickle like me, miniatures of mont blanc and some other tarts at a pocket friendly $2 each. "2 hours later" was a cold-faced reply when asked when they would be ready.

I could really just ignore the lacklustre service for this BFF.

Photos taken with Nikon D5000.


Tampopo Deli
Liang Court


  1. I really really want that tart pudding! This is actually the first time that I'm seeing it on a blog heh.

  2. heyhey! I want it too! Shd think it's one of their newer items? They've got quite a few additions...*drools*

  3. I've always wanted to try the tart pudding too but scoop cake is just too distracting.

    Tampopo Deli's mont blanc is life threateningly bad lol. The chestnut swirls are way too sweet I thought, it's more sugary paste than chestnut.

  4. please try the tart pudding! Why not both the scoop cake and pudding? *giggles*

    We've both been spoilt rotten by k ki, for the mont blancs. Nobody comes near, yet. =p