Thursday, April 29, 2010

Polar Curry Puffs

Polar belongs to the generation of confectioneries that have risen beyond their initial start ups, flourished to a multi-kiosk set up...and taken innovation up a couple of notches. Another on the list of comfort food that has accompanied me through the years. :)

Apart from their sugar rolls, I'm still a huge fan of  their curry puffs despite the regular price hikes. Gone are the days you'd fine snacks below $1, how I miss those days.

Curry Puff ($1.50)

Unlike OCK, Polar's curry puffs signature crispy flakes are the few flaky ones that I actually adore! Comparatively, the chicken portions are way more generous but naturally that comes with a pricier tag. Of late, the kitchen seemed to have upped the spiciness...loving it still!

Picture taken with Nikon D5000.


  1. I used to like polar curry puffs a lot until one time I bought 15 pcs from the terminal 1 outlet. Upon getting home, about 4 hrs later from the time I bought them, the curry puffs (actually the curry filling) were stale and tasted funny. I gave some to my friend and neighbour before eating them myself. I had to throw them all away and was worried about the ones I gave my friend. Complained to Polar next day but they only offered $15.00 voucher. I told them they can keep the measely voucher! Never gonna go buy that puff again!

  2. @ annon: oh gosh..sorry to hear about that! I think the outlets with lesser traffic has such a problem..havent eaten polar puffs in awhile though. The fact that they actually reimbursed you in vouchers means they have had prior similar incidents too...!