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Old Chang Kee Takeaway

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Old Chang Kee Curry puffs have been my source of comfort food for the longest time. Their strategically located kiosks island-wide has made me prey to their sinful snacks. Of their ever growing list of mouth watering delights, I only adore their curry puffs.

Their signature rotund bellies, chewy dough and twisted at the end, stuffed with potatoes, curry chicken and a sliver of boiled egg...deepfried. Honestly, anything deepfried cannot go very wrong, unless overfried off course.

My main grouse about this is, the chicken is limited to just one piece...a far cry to its generous heydeys. Priced at $1.20 and increasing...still adoring this local favourite as opposed to sardine or black pepper chicken cousins.

Oh yes, the other reason that keeps me going back; still tastes as good days after.

Old Chang Kee

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