Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coffee and Crust @ Mandarin Orchard

Coffee and Crust is Mandarin Orchard's deli. Strange as it is, Triple 3, Coffee and Crust and 5 on Bar are located all in the same area, it is certainly normal to overlook any of them. That was the case for the gf and I. 

White Chocolate Citrus ($7.50) - Cake of the month

Shaped like a dome despite the uneven creaming, I was tempted first by white chocolate. The lady over the counter described this as "Chewy, soft and very delicious" and "not mousse". I probably will not get a more pointblank and matter of fact description ever.

Yes, she was right though I would refrain from quoting her verbatim. Certainly was not mousse but like jell-o, with a certain firmness. Beyond the white chocolate lies a zesty citrus layer, almost like the psuedo eggyolk in the jelly or icecream mooncakes during Mid-Autumn's. Overall it was sweet and reached a cloying point towards the end but I liked it enough.

Mushroom Quiche ($7)

Smelt awesome, even from a distance. I did not get a chance at this but from the way it was polished off, I'm sure it was more than just delicious.

Pick from a wide array of crusts; quiches, danishes and tarts. Illys coffee or Twinings Tea are up for pairings with the crusty delights for the strict afternoon tea patrons. I will be back at Coffee and Crust, for a nice slow afternoon tea. Fuji Apple Tart and the savouries look droolicious!

Coffee and Crust
Level 5
Mandarin Orchard


  1. White chocolate & citrus sound very me too!

    hey phoebe, there is a white chocolate mousse dome cake at Raffles Hotel Ah Teng's Bakery. I think it's new. You may like to go try & let me if it's good. Coz I haven't. (:

  2. Sounds like a nice place for our next tea session!

  3. @ ice : It's not as divine as the antoinette is with the runny filling! Ahh...thanks for the tip off! I'm already tempted by "white chocolate".

    @ daniel: *chuckles* Their range of cakes are fewer than marriott's tho!