Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rocky Master @ MapleTree Anson

Anywhere with Aircon and decent looking food is a success recipe for an eatery located within CBD.

I took shelter at Rocky Master for that very same reason, to evade the sweltering heat.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich ($6.50)

First impression of it was; it's very put together..almost as if the kitchen had different people handling different parts of the meal. For this, it felt like someone was holding an opened can of Pringles dishing out stacks of chips, another with the cups of salsa...and so on.

The chips made me laugh, seriously. I've had kettle chips, potato chips but not Pringles chips yet.

Multigrain bread stuffed with chicken. I daresay it's one of the heartier sandwiches I've had in a long while! Lightly salted chicken slices plump up the sandwich, every bite was meaty. I gave up on the fork and knife (and being a lady) and used my hands.

One surprising start at Rocky Master!

Chicken Sausages with Wedges ($6.50)

The cheese dip made me wish there were nachos. After tasting sausages from kiosks at shopping centres, I realise there is such a thing as "bad" sausages, those that taste bleah, literally. These are decent ones at least! Oh, liked the wedges, somehow these did not taste as salty as the usual thaw-and-deepfry ones.

Carrot Walnut Cake ($4)

Moist. Nutty. Light Frosting. Yum. Pleasantly impressed by their take on the good old traditional. Not the best, not the worst but coming from a sandwich joint, I say it's boleh lah!

Bite-sized cheesecakes were given out after lunch. Fluffy morsels of delight.

Burgeoning lunch crowds are a testimony of this place, given strong competition from Mcdonalds and Han's just opposite. Service is warm, food is decent for shenton way...I'll be back not on the basis to evade the heat.

Rocky Master
Maple Tree Anson
60 Anson Road


  1. I eat there regularly. The food is top notch, and I especially like the Laksa - it's very popular and will usually sell out during the lunch rush. The staff are really fantastic; young, happy, and always do their best to make me welcome.

  2. @ anon: :) I like rocky master too!! sounds like a great idea to check out the laksa, shall try that soon I hope! And have to agree on the welcoming bit...theyve got really good service.

  3. I agree with the laksa! great stuff.