Friday, March 26, 2010

Kettle Chips - Honey Dijon

Kettle chips have long been lauded as top of the range. Some top notch sandwich places pair their sandwiches with them...but I've never sat down with a bag in hand, before.

$4.20 for a bag of chips, pricey. Did I also mention it's all of 142g? Premium in price, premium in packaging - aluminum packaging is so passe. I never could understand the hype about Kettle chips..simply because I could not bear to part with the 4 buckeroos. For this bag, I gave up one of the following...

2 Double cheese burgers
4 Jollibean Min Jiang Kuehs
6 Mcdonald Vanilla Cones

For possibly triple the calories but, quadruple the enjoyment.

There I said it, there can only be one humanely possible outcome upon opening the bag - Mad snacking. If Pringles set the standard of irresistible, Kettle Chips are obsessive. Chips with bite, firm and crunchy. Strong flavourful smokey bites with a tinge of sweetness, the closest you can ever get to potatoes.

Honey Dijon was mind blowing. I foresee couch potato days ahead...! New York Cheddar with Herbs, Tuscan Three Cheese...Spicy Thai...!

Kettle Chips


  1. I haven't tried Kettle chips before, but Red Rock Deli chips are nice (:

  2. hi there! where to get red rock deli chips? =P

  3. You can find them at Candy Empire. I especially like the honey soy chicken flavor!