Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kei Wah Souvenirs @ Hongkong


Original (Pineapple)

Pineapple shortcake with Walnut

Mango Shortcake

Honeydew Melon Shortcake

The same buttery crust with the velvety finish I fell in love with in Hongkong. I'm still very much head over heels in love with the pineapple shortcake, the other flavours were plain artificial to taste

Ginger cookies

My favourite, delicious ginger biscuits with candied ginger bits within.

Butter Egg Rolls

Light egg rolls with a nice milky aftertaste, not as dense as those found here.

Mini Walnut Cookies

Crumbly goodness.

Handmade Almond Biscuits

Prefer Chan Yee Jai's, this was less fragrant somehow.

Sesame Biscuits

Butter cookies with sesame seeds. As separate as they sound.

Panda Cookies

Milo and butter cookies, these are more to please the kid in us.


  1. Want more? I'm going back Hongkong in May! =)

  2. I love butter egg rolls too, much more than love letters!

  3. @ daniel: HEYHEY! hahaha...lucky u! always get to head back to dimsum land!! i'll probably want to tompang keiwah's pineapple shortcakes...! when u gg back?

    @stargirl: i second that! those fr hk are indeed SO different.

  4. Haha.. May 10th-26th, will send out a mass mail see if the others wan anything!

  5. (: hehe...noted! shall see if anything else tempts me!

  6. I bought back these but I thought the ones from Taiwan were better? I am not sure about the brand, but they are packed in individual paper boxes.

  7. you mean the egg rolls from taiwan? Haven't tried the yummies from tw yet. issit "tai yang bing"?

  8. No, the pineapple shortcakes...

    I thought tai yang bing is too sweet to my liking...