Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aroma Takeaway @ Intercontinental Hotel

The sweetest sis dropped a post-dinner surprise on all of us, takeaways from Aroma Bakery of Intercontinental Hotel!

I'm not that familiar with Intercontinental's goodies save for their delicious croissants and substandard High Tea.

Raspberry Roulade (Low Sugar)

Have your cake and eat it, is what this declares. Low Sugar for the health conscious, not too sure if this interfered with the slight artificial flavouring. Tight sponge with raspberry cream layers, so very ordinary.


I should have known better, judging from the darker bottom sponge layers. Soaked right through the layers the espresso and rum did, resulting in thick soggy cake.

Apple Caramel Cake

Yet another soggy one, chocolate cake base drowned in liquid with a passable caramel layer. Preserved mini apples stud the cake, which could have been the major culprit of the excess fluid.

Strawberry and Pistachio Breton

I was holding my breath for this, if the cakes were soaked through, what more the tarts? Crumbly tart with chopped pistachios, custard and strawberries. Pity the strawberries were not sweet, the better of the lot.

American Cheesecake

One of the few with peanut butter bases, fork-licking good! Spongey-fluffy cheesecake, I declare this the best of the lot.

These cakes nailed the outlook bit, tastewise...miles and miles away from the creme of the crop. I say stick with their bakery items, croissants sweet and savoury are safe!

All cakes are priced between $6-8+ for takeaway.

Intercontinental Hotel


  1. Frankly speaking, I used to like their cakes, particularly their Mozart Tranche which is no longer available on the shelf.

    Anyway, the hotel is showing some inconsistency as one of the readers mentioned about the horrible tiramisu but after the feedback, the hotel did compensate... At least, that was what was mentioned in the comments.

    Not sure if they still have the promotion, 2 slices for $10+.

  2. I can't help but strike Intercon off the list for both takeaways and high tea buffet...seems like even after a time span of a year over..the desserts are still as disappointing. :( Pretty tragic that none of those I tried (apart from cheesecake) was passable!

    Oh yes they do...2 slices for $10+ from 7 onwards..and after 9 it's 1-for-1. (if im not wrong!)