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Tigerific 6: Tang Yuan

8:22 AM , 2 Comments

One of those family bonding activities I wish I grew up with but really glad to start it this year! Made tang yuans with the sis and Mom out of a whim or simply because the flour was expiring.

Unglamourous looking rolled balls.

Never will I look upon another tang yuan as ordinary. The hardwork that goes into moulding one with the right amount of filling and QQ texture is by means no easy feat.

Tang Yuan with red dates sweet soup.
Gula Melaka. Peanut.

Shall be making this a yearly affair!

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  1. cool! did you know that they serve savoury tang yuan in china?

  2. the first thing that popped out in my mind when you mentioned savoury tang yuan is "hae bee" ahha...what flavours do they have??