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Tiger-rific 4: Mandarin Oranges

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China vs Korea, almost like a World Cup Match.
Only this time, with mandarin oranges instead of soccer balls.

Outwardly, the comparatively smoother skin is softer to touch than the familiar wrinkled.
A hint of its famous plastic surgery origins?

Korean Mandarin Oranges, sounds strange saying it out loud.

The battle of the orange wedge sizes. Surely, those from china are bigger.

Taste, like their famous champagne grapes being vastly different from the commoner grape groups...the Korean Mandarin Oranges have a tingly sensation as you savour the morsel-sized fruit. Almost as if they were nourished with alcohol. Loving it!


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  1. I super love mandarin oranges!! Where did you get the Korean ones?

  2. i tried them during cny and im hunting them down too! shd thk sun and moon shd have it.