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White Rose Cafe High Tea @ York Hotel

I always find it hard to resist buffets, mainly for the variety. York Hotel is relatively unknown in the high tea arena despite its fame for their seasonal Penang Buffets. A long hike up the hill and down some more gets you to York Hotel...spotting Quincy Hotel and The Elisabeth just nearby!

Sunday Indulgence is what they promise...

White Wine Crabmeat wrapped in Crepe

Food on satay sticks appeals in an absurd way, as with the very passe porcelain spoons. Sweet crepe with rather bland fillings.

Pork Intestine Soup

Reeked strongly of the pork used, found this too flavourful with MSG.

Chilled Tofu with Soya

Adore the simple ingredients of tofu and pork floss. Wish it came with a bowl of congee.

Yogurt Tomato and Cucumber Salad


Assorted Fruits with Prawn Salad

Crystallized prawns with canned pineapple, was not impressed.

Fried Hongkong Noodle

Ahh, something decent at last. Springy noodles peppered with sesame seeds.

Braised Chicken Noodle

A live station well hidden behind the counter save for a barely visible tag.

A well executed dish, chewy noodles with tasty braised meats and sauce. Chilli paste that packs a punch too! I wish I had seconds...

Fried Carrot Cake

Leaps and bounds from the hawkerfare, this interpretation gets you dense kueh like cubes with fried egg.

Green Bean Salad with Chicken

Thought this was similar to Julienne of Ham though I found the beans yummy.

Potato with Julienne of Ham

It's been awhile since I've encountered "Julienne of Ham"..really just ham strips with potato.

Nasi Lemak

Yet another decent one! York and Lion City does a mean Nasi Lemak. Fragrant coconut rice with bombastic chilli and ikan billis. Delicious mouthfuls of the local delight that York Hotel has perfected.

Assorted Dimsum


Chicken Yakitori

For once, I did not mind soft chicken pieces. A nice take on the Japanese snack.

Chicken Curry with French Loaf and Nasi Briyani

Not too bad an effort, grainy rice with curry. Would have been better with a mighty punch of spice.

Baked Fish in Basil Sauce

I remember polishing off the peppers first.

Braised Mushrooms with Broccoli

Nothing to fault.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Durian Pancake

Made upon request, these flufflies with a spread of durian jam was delightful.

Strawberry Swiss Roll

Artificially flavoured, these soft rolls were too sweet.

Assorted Scones with Butter and Jam

Too dry and biscuit-like.

Durian Puff

These ordinary looking babies are actually explosive.

Made like mini tarts, I could not resist lifting the tart lid to unveil the pulpy stuffings. Bittersweet flaky goodness. Liked it!

Assorted Fruits (Apple, Dragonfruit, Kiwi)

Either the rest of the buffets have been adding sweeteners or the fruits are really over riped. These were nearly tasteless despite the luscious colours.

The mess that fondue never fails to create.

Glutinous Rice Ball with Almond Cream

The almond cream's arguably the thinnest in consistency thusfar, tasting almost like soya milk. I've not tasted a bad glutinous rice ball yet...these split open from the over soaking but I liked them all the same.

Ice Kachang

Has to be the most basic of all Ice Kachangs attempted, ever. Try it to satisfy the nostalgia.

$23.80++ per adult

Sunday High Tea Buffet Indulgence
Availability: Every Sunday

3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Was not too impressed with the quality though there are memorable hits. Indulgent it certainly was not, just a-o-k-a-y. Service attentive throughout. The last attempt at ala carte was impressive, buffet was less outstanding however. York Hotel strikes me as a thing of the past, same goes for the buffet which I consider the same league as Lion City Hotel.

White Rose Cafe
York Hotel

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  1. The problem with buffets is that there seems to be a price hike. For instance, just 5 years ago, Sat buffet dinner @ Melts, the world cafe, only cost $42++ but now $42++ only brings you to Amara Hotel, Novotel or Grand Mercure Roxy...

    The spread seems decent for the price tag...

  2. have to agree with you on the price inflation, woe to us foodies.

    yep, York Hotel's got a decent spread though wasn't overly wowed.