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D.O.M.V.S @ Sheraton Towers

"Pay As You Wish" is every diner's dream, a new twist to "Eat All You Can". Methinks it's a marvellous marketing tactic by Sheraton to challenge how much diners would dare to pay. It's definitely not a first, I'm not sure if it's still there but Lao Pat Sat used to have an Indian Rojak stall that fluorished based on the same pricing concept.

Cosy corners with matching trees!

Menu by Chef Carmine Esposito.

Olive oil and butter.

Complimentary bread selection of oatmeal, sour dough and sundred tomatoes. Inconsistent quality of bread served, the second serving was fresher than the first.

Foie Gras Terrine with “Cremona” Mustard and Vincotto Sauce

Foie Gras Terrine that was velvety smooth, loved the whole pairing with preserved fruit! I can never say no to crunchy biscuits, despite its thinness it was that crunchy. Dinner was off to a great start!

Asparagus Soup with Pan seared Scallop, Truffle foam

Truffle that was barely there, the foam served its aesthetic purposes though. This came across more as an oriental soup with sliced asparagus. Thankfully I found a pearl amidst the Orient Sea, a fresh succulent scallop.

Homemade Beef Cannelloni Pasta with Cherry Tomato, Leek sauce

Tasted just like wanton with corned beef.

A peek into the mushy within.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Herbs Crust Parmesan Cheese served with Potato Confit

A splutter of disappointment. A request for medium ended up medium well, the texture of the beef so tough, I secretly thanked my lucky stars I was not on a date. Each time the knife met the meat, the table almost shook.

Overcooked for medium. Delish potatoes though.

Lemon Crème Mille –Feuille with Strawberry Compote and Mint Jelly Cubes

Honestly, I wish they separated the desserts as the flavours put together simply clashed. There was...

Lemon Creme Mille Feuille done so well, the zesty cream with flaky pastry
Vanilla Bean icecream on a crumbly base that was creamy and a tad sweet
Mint Jelly Cubes that seemed flavoured with toothpaste and the lingering overload of mint
Sour Strawberry Compote

They would have been outstanding on its own, not together.

Pen and paper to grade the experience..

Nearly after the presentation of every single dish, you get offered a dash of pepper. At first I welcomed the additioned, after awhile, it got too much. With similar ingredients used throughout and the same seasoning offered, it has to be most unfortunate that the dishes started tasting uncannily similar.

There was an evident oriental touch in the dishes throughout. I consider it fusion rather than authentically Italian. Hits and misses, personally find it overpriced for quality as such.

Petit fours were missing from the menu valued at $100 per person.

Sheraton Towers

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  1. So how much did you pay?

  2. Totally agree that it's overpriced! And the mint jelly cubes still make me shudder.. Too strong and overpowering.

  3. hi anon, would prefer not to publicise how much was paid. :) Basically I only paid for what I enjoyed.

    @ kaelyn: I wonder do the dessert chefs taste what they prepare...*chuckles*