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Dinner @ Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

For work reasons, I had the pleasure of "Food Tasting" at Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, almost like a wedding dinner food tasting if you ask me. Comments were to be listed by dish for the kitchen to make the necessary amendments too!

Table laid for gluttony!

Copthorne Cold and Hot Appetizer

I'd say I was takenaback by the variety offered in the Cold Dish. Several bites later, I must say the dinner took off on a good start.

Not quite your usual wedding starter of fried spring rolls, spicy jellyfish or prawn salad, a change I so relished!

Sushi with a smoked tea leaf fragrance, chewy baby squids and bouncy sotong balls that the company devoured several helpings of, smoked duck with tangy fruity sauce and crispy breaded fish cake.

Sweet Corn Soup with Crabmeat and Bamboo Piths

Another pleasant surprise. Chinese vegetable soups normally strike me as thin gruel-like consistency. The kitchen did a fabulous job with the tasty soup, the sweet corn kernels and shredded crab meat and fish maw..I'd gladly swop the substandard gooey Shark's Fin for this!

Golden Crispy Roasted Chicken

As good as a cackling pork skin, crispy wafer thin pieces of skin with slightly bland tender chicken meat. I loved the skin and fried basil leaves best.

Stir Fried Prawn with Black Peppercorn

Overly crunchy crystal prawns, the well cooked asparagus and sprinkle of pistachio nuts was a welcome find.

Braised Mushrooms with Seasonal Vegetables

The variation of mushrooms used pleased me greatly.

Steamed Fresh Seabass in Preserved Yellow Bean Sauce

Not a favourite, one bit. Flesh too soft, slightly fishy.

Stewed Eefu Noodles with Straw Mushrooms and Chives

A tad too oily but nice noodle consistency!

Warmed Sweetened Almond Cream

An overload of sweet, liked the soft white lotus seeds and creamy paste.

The meal started off really nicely but ended off with bit too much slipshodyness with the lack of control on the flavouring. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. Now, it's about maintaining consistency on D-Day itself.

Copthorne Waterfront

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. so nice, bring me along next time!!! hahahaha...

  2. ahhaha...when it's about work, the food's WAY secondary!