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Bar on 5 @ Meritus Orchard

This is definitely of the many Christmas related chillings that I indulged in. Social butterfly me overpacked the schedule and ended up with clashing commitments. Bad way to end 2010 but that's the only way to accomodate everyone and meeting up (in my honest defence).

Bar on 5 was one of those alma mater gatherings I am glad I decided to attend inspite of the rain. Food was surely not on the agenda but I was pleasantly surprised at the spread.


No cheezy cliche logcakes or gingerbread men nor was probably too early in the month for that. When this took place, it was about 2 weeks shy of christmas.


All things fried makes alcohol a good companion.


Chocolate dipped strawberries tasted so good...! Never expected the combination to be so extraordinary.


Lost count of the refills I had for the smoked salmon..

Smoked Salmon Cheese Roulade
Proscuitto with Parma Ham
Zucchini Roll
Roasted Chicken
Baby Potatoes
Mini Fish Burgers
Dumplings with Wasabi Mayo Dip

William Pears with Mascarpone Cheese
Date Creme Brulee Tart
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

As far as the memory can take me, I was stuffed for the night. Lovely canapes. Particular mention goes to smoked salmon roulade, baby potatoes, chocolate dipped strawberries and creme brulee tart! There's the option of sitting by the balcony to take in the sights of Orchard Road. White wine in hand, christmas lightings has always been and will always be my favouritest season of the year.

Bar on 5
Meritus Orchard.

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