Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Caramel Seasalt Cheesecake @ Cedele Depot

Courtesy of R.
Caramel Seasalt Cheesecake when what I have been hinting at all along was the Apple Sea Salt Caramel logcake!

I'll find some means to try it...somehow.

Caramel Sea Salt Cheese cake, 850gsm

The moist cheesecake's defining pleasant salty finish sets it apart from the rest of the cheesecakes I've eaten. The soft biscuit base and mousse-like sea salt caramel cheese cake with jellied topping strikes as a nice way to end off a meal. Slices should not be too thick else you risk an indigestion, moderation works for this cake.



  1. Salty cheesecake! Been wanting to try out this cake but afraid that i may not like it! But generally, I love cedele's cakes! Tried 9 or 10 of their cakes already. haha

  2. it's pretty much acquired i must say...yep! I'm a fan of cedele's cakes too...especially the walnut carrot *yums*