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Takeaway @ Elements, Amara Hotel

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Mango Mousse Cake

The parents were raving about Amara Hotel cakes from yonks ago so I decided to get that out of a whim. The F and B Manager was kind enough to entertain my questions on both visits before fickle me could decide on the flavour. Elements at Amara Hotel focuses alot on mousse cake. (which somehow I was not a huge fan of but I decided to give them a go anyway!) I guess what bought me over was their local range of cakes which not many places does not offer though the irony of it all was I picked Mango from Cempedek, Passionfruit, Apple, Bitter Banana, their signature Tiramisu Cheesecake...don't the flavours get you salivating?

The layers of sponge was generous and fluffy with a custard like mousse which went well with me. I totally dislike the mousse dissolving into mush. I'd say, not too bad a decent mousse-effort on Element's part...I'm all ready to try the other flavours!

500gsm, $22+
1kg, $35+

Amara Hotel

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