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唐餅家 @ Shanghai

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I chanced upon this at a department stall and it looked the Shanghai bit to lug back as souvenirs. There's Tang Tai Zong Emperor in the picture (or at least he resembles the Emperor) In true Singaporean style, I snapped up the remaining pastries for fear of a situation of "not enough", making the sales ladies happier than larks.

Basically, I picked whatever colour caught the eye.

Don't they resemble Japanese pastries?

Yam paste with mochi-like jelly.

Red bean with Egg yolk and Pine nuts..

White lotus paste with mochi.

Red Bean with Egg Yolk and Black Sesame.

Green Bean Paste with Jelly and Black Sesame.

The layers of pastry was crumbly upon consumption, rendering you a total mess. When warmed, it was divine. The velvety smooth fillings paired with crumbly shells heavily laden with coconut...made to look like our local moonpies, only better! Fast forward two weeks, they are still as good!

At least those that I have bestowed a box on had one unanimous reaction "wow." The chinese can pride themselves for producing such fine pieces of pastry.

CNY 45 for a box of 6.


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