Saturday, November 28, 2009

Out of the Pan 2 @ Raffles City

After 2 previous failed attempts at this place over the last couple of years and each attempt left me with a bitter aftertaste, ask me not why I chose to return for a third. The 1-for-1 deal was a good enough draw for the poor pocket wrung dry of its capabilities.

From the selection of crepes, you can mix and match the flavours of the crepes; ranging from tomato, wheat and original..if the memory does not fail me. We made it a point to order those with "chef recommendations" to play safe.

Seafood Jungle ($16.50)
Tangy spicy yogurt with citrus fruits, crabmeat, prawns and scallops

I remember trying this years back and I was not impressed. This time round the only thing I discerned were the juicy wedges of oranges which gave this a sweet twist.

Wok Fried Butter Cream Prawns ($16.50)
Wok fried butter cream prawns with curry leaves and chilli padi

Between this and the Seafood Jungle, no major taste fact they tasted the same.

Korean BBQ Pork ($14.50)
Flavoured pork with korean chilli paste served with kimchi

On the whole, this was probably the best of the lot. The BBQ Pork had a slight hint of spice and paired with kimchi, though nowhere near the real McCoy, it was good enough.

Peking Duck ($15.50)
Roasted duck with sambal olek, lychees and dark sweet sauce

This was too sweet. If you are expecting a healthier version of Peking Duck wrapped in Popiah skin, you'd be disappointed. Lychees and dark sweet sauce made this sweeter than it ought to be.

All in, the crepe flavours were barely discernible or perhaps the tongue was confused by all the flavours packed into a roll. For the most part, the crepe was soggy by the time we made it through all 4 flavours. The only saving grace, the generous amounts of shredded lettuce stuffed into each roll..which satisfied the vegetarian in me.

Out of the Pan
Raffles City


  1. I tried their desserts last year and it was so bad that I didn't go back again to try the mains. How come there's a 1 for 1? Sounds like a good deal.. Even though the food doesn't sound nice haha.

  2. i cannot agree more that their desserts are quite bad! oh, was a citibank card can TOTALLY give it a miss!! it baffles me why they're still around despite all the bad food served.

  3. Haha, ok then I won't waste my money on it. Ya, I don't understand why they are still around too! Everytime I pass by, I see lots of people there -_-

  4. heh..i figure it's their prime location next to the escalator and water fountain that deludes people. :P