Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jia Ji Mei Shi @ Chinatown Hawker

For Chinatown's Hawker Centre, the length of the queues is a good gauge of the quality of food. Though this assumption may not run through for all places. Jia Ji dishes out your typical "chinese breakfast", think fried bee hoon, steamed rice rolls with sweet sauce, peanut congee, yam cake and glutinous rice dumplings.

It bemused me greatly when the Uncle was taking everyone's orders in Cantonese but chose to speak to me in think I was figuring out how to speak it fluently in my mind before my turn! *dang*

$2 worth of yam cake, diced so haphazardly but for all the fluffyness and wholesome kueh like savoury kueh with yam cubes, this one's worth watching out for.

Jia Ji Mei Shi
Chinatown Hawker Centre


  1. That's one of my mom's favourite. haha :D


  2. haha yay! does she have other favourites in chinatown hawker too?