Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ooki Taiyaki @ Raffles City

Riding on the waffle bandwagon is recently opened Ooki Taiyaki. There's a 2 for $2 promotion for Ooki Taiyaki sweet Japanese waffles. Originally priced at $1.30 for sweet, $1.80 for savoury.

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, it was first baked by a sweet shop Naniwaya in Azabu Tokyo in 1909, and now can be found all over Japan. -- Wiki.

List of flavours at Ooki Taiyaki:
Azuki (Red Bean)
Tuna & Cheese
Ham & Cheese

Open concept kitchen, you see your waffles being made on the spot in the fish shaped mould.

Fishy business.

Azuki Red Bean, the whole red beans fill the waffle considerably, the filling's not sweet. The waffle isn't fragrant, somewhat pasty and bland.

Durian was a blend of durian pulp and corn, the creamy filling had an artificial taste about it. Same goes for the waffle. Not loving this local creation.

Not the best I've eaten, good enough for the promotion though.

Ooki Taiyaki
Raffles City Basement

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  1. Hi there,

    thank u for your feedback on our Taiyaki.

    we have recently launched our pure D24 durian taiyaki, previously was our durian custard taiyaki. This one would definitely taste better!

    Do come visit us again. we appreciate feedbacks. :)