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Malaysian Snacks

Tiger brand and 三叔公 are the couple of brands offering famous Malaysian snacks. Pink and Orange clashes for packaging but who cares? I've seen brandless ones being sold in markets and tightened with a rubber band. The remnants of the nostalgic past that creeps up every now and then with such stark reminders, especially so when so-and-so goes to Malaysia, these get passed around as perfect souvenirs.

Him Heang Pong Piahs' thank you note within the box.

Otherwise known as "dragon balls" for their perfect roundness, flaky pastry and green bean powdery filling. I found this slightly dry, not the best I've eaten.

There's Pong Peah and now, Heong Peah though I recognize it as 马蹄酥.

马蹄酥 (RM 9.90 for a packet of 18 pcs)

Translates as chestnut pastry, these flaky pastries though mass manufactured are fresh. Crispy outershells dusted with fragrant sesame seeds, the layers of pastry huddle around a sticky chestnut paste within.

A cup of teh tarik with it, anyone?

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  1. i love tiger brand beh teh soh too! there's this factory in penang which makes really delectable tau sar piah, pity i can't remember the shop's name.

  2. omg, that's such a rare concidence! speaking of which it's been eons since i had a tau sar piah...pity those in sg aren't quite like the real stuff..