Monday, March 30, 2009

Patisserie Glace @ Chinatown Plaza

A very sweet colleague helped me nab these over lunch one day, saved me from finding out exactly where this is! Till this day, I've not quite figured out exactly where this is, though on the map it's near this and that.

I doubt this place is any foreign to most, given its high profile appearance in ST's 2009 food guide, and several writeups by many food bloggers.

They arrived in a very handy box, resembles that of a lunch box. Kawaii-ne! The amazing thing about their cakes is, they're very fragrant. I was stealing sniffs of it all the way home.

Strawberry Mille-feuille ($4.70)

Also known as Napoleon in other parts of the world, the "thousand sheets" is hard to bake and gives a balance to the sponge cake. Chocolate crisp, strawberry round it off perfectly. Taken off the website.

First impression of this pastry, it looks like an art piece complete with napkins. This multi layered dessert boasts of a sponge cake base lathered with custard and several pieces of biscuit bases and slices of strawberries. What bothers me about this dessert is, the taste is very mild. No trace of strawberries save for the fruit itself. The custard, biscuit layers and sponge cake taste as separate as they are, put together. The sponge cake is soft and slightly bland.

Mont Blanc ($5.60)

A Japanese perennial favourite. This is another dessert with a spongecake as a base topped with twirls of chestnut cream and a whole chestnut in the middle, finishing off with chopped chestnuts sprinkled atop. Yes, another that impresses in terms of artistry. The previous Mont Blancs I've eaten have tarts as bases rather than sponge cake. It's interesting how this sponge cake is different from the Strawberry Mille Feuille. This is slightly heavier and stronger in taste but otherwise still very light. Uncannily enough, it reminded me of a lighter version of Polar's sugar roll. Overall, a very light and sweet delight.

Of the two, my vote goes to their signature Mont Blanc. Their sponge cakes are typically Japanese, light, fluffy and mild in terms of taste. I prefer my cakes with a little more bite and stronger in taste. This test taste of their two spongecakes pretty much sealed my impression of their sponge cakes...that being said, I will give the fromage tart and sold out rin rin tarts a go though. Not the best Mont Blanc I've eaten, just alright. Pricing wise, it isn't the cheapest, neither is it over the top expensive..moderate.

Patisserie Glace by Chef Yamashita
34 Craig Road
#01-01 Chinatown Plaza
Tel: 6400-0247


  1. Hmm... given that you want a stronger taste for your desserts, maybe Japanese cakes are just too light to your liking?

    I thought Mont Blanc is better off as a tart... Prefer more crunch when the flavour is mild...

  2. Yeap, I'm beginning to think that Jap cakes are too light!

    I tried the fromage syun yest, I loved it though. I second that too! Mont blanc's far better as a tart.