Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Munch @ Robinson Road

A lunch getaway with my favourite girl. We ended up at Munch, one of the many sandwich joints that litter the entire CBD. You can practically find one within 10 metres of each other, subways are included. Off hand, there's The Sandwich Shop, Simply Sandwich, Subway, Cedele, Aroma's, Fou de Fafa which we wanted to try if it wasn't for the queues...all offering the humble two slices of bread with uncannily similar ingredients.

We shared....

Crayfish wrap ($8.80), top it up by $4 you get the meal; drink and soup included. It was mushroom soup, which according to bh, is Delifrance's. I didn't fancy it, on the sweet side. It's the only other place apart from The Sandwich Shop that offers crayfish! The wrap's got a generous serving of lettuce and tomatoes and of course, crayfish. Despite being bland, I like how fresh and juicy the crayfish cubes are. You can almost taste the sweetness in the crayfish. No MSG added I figure, that's how my lunch went without a drink!

3 salads ($8), I garangly went ahead with

Vermicilli; looked like thai. Tasted overly sweet. Didn't like it.

Baby potatoes with cucumbers; I found it refreshing and delicious.

Spinach, Feta Cheese and Pumpkin; arguably my favourite of the trio. The pumpkin's naturally sweet, feta cheese blends in perfectly and spinach tastes amazingly good! Sans the rawness of salads.

One happy lunch it is. Great for a power lunch. Prices are reflective of the district..


112 Robinson Road

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