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Little Red Shop, 小紅店 @ Vivocity

My dad used to get plenty of tau sar piahs for my afternoon tea (then it was only 50cents!) when I was still schooling, the fragrant traditional pastries with different types of filling. Finally had the stomach space for Little Red Shop's pastries this visit to Vivo! Famous from the Balestier Road!

The available bundling...

Traditional Sweet, $0.80
is one of the two best sellers. The other being Traditional Salty. Pint sized they are, at best the size of 5 1-dollar coins, dusted with sesame seeds. A bite into the warm flaky pastry unveils lotus paste. I wish there were more of the lotus paste, nearly half the pastry is empty. The lotus paste is sweet and fragrant...the pastry's too crisp though.

They've got other flavours up for the adventurous, like pineapple tart, coffee, red bean...durian even.

For a bite of the 80cents, I deem it expensive. Not that worth all the fuss, however.

Little Red Shop
Vivocity Basement

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  1. if u go to their balestier shop, they r still selling for 60cents.

  2. oh? they're still there? Ok, will let the tau sar piah fans knw!