Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hosoi Teppan-yaki House @ Suntec

Hosoi's one of those new eating places that sprouted out surrounding the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec. Not exactly sure what caught R's eye, but there it was for a late lunch.

The place is rather spacious with two areas for teppanyaki and one corner of bench seats for diners who don't want to be engulfed by the smells from the teppanyaki hot plate. We chose to be infront of the teppanyaki chef, guess who we saw! Jaime Teo was dining with her friends, pretty she is.

Back to the food, I went for their set lunch of Honey chicken bento set $8.90. This comes with a free drink, ice lemon tea. I was first served the radish soup, in fact the first time I paid attention to the soup because it wasn't the usual seaweed soup. Quite delicious. My bento set took forever to come, even after R polished his set. They've got a funny way of preparing the bento set, they place the sets by the side of the hotplate for the chef to fry the vegetables (a huge pile of bean sprouts and green veg that was rather "slimy" to taste), then they bring the bento box in, only to reappear when the meat is fried, AND still bring it in to top up the rice. All in, by the time the bento set came, the vegetables weren't hot anymore. Nonetheless still tasty. The chicken cubes were just alright, the honey sauce was just a dark sauce, no honey in sight. The jellyfish side was delicious, so were the vegetables! I found the rice very ordinary, not the sticky chewy kind.

R's choice of Black Pepper beef, $9.90. That was seemingly a more "worthwhile" choice as the waitress put it, apparently more of everything for $1 more but really, we didn't see how much more given my set lunch had an extra drink! The black pepper beef's very tender and sliced thinly. Somewhat too peppery though.

It's an affordable place to eat, provided you don't order seafood. They've got lobster and even wagyu beef for teppanyaki. Wouldn't it be a waste to teppanyaki wagyu beef?

Don't think I'd be back soon, however.

Hosoi Teppan-yaki House
Suntec City


  1. Same here, will not go back to Hosoi @ Suntec... Bad experience... My hubby and I went to this restaurant last Sat, and we order the Set A (Beef, squid, fish, bean sprout, green veg and fruits) and Set B (Pork, squid, fish, bean sprout, green veg and fruits) meal, and each order a coke as green tea is not avail. We have to asked a few times for our food to be serve, where other customers who came much later than us have already finished their food. We asked for our green veg for 2 times and yet it didn't came. We waited for another 15mins, and think its enough and commented to to staff about our experience and they just said "Sorry, we have to charge everything this time but give you some discount for your next trip". We wouldn't be interested in a next trip...! Food is so-so, service is bad, so highly not recommended.

  2. oh dear...that's quite a bad experience! it's a wonder they are still there now given their substandard food.