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OldTown White Coffee @ Big Splash Play Ground

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OldTown White Coffee (co-owned by local celebrity Mark Lee) founded in 1999 across the causeway and made its mark by manufacturing and launching Malaysia's famous Ipoh White Coffee as a 3in1 Blend. Recently, an outlet was opened at PlayGround, the East's answer to One Rochester or the likes of Dempsey.

I've walked past this particular eatery tons of times and each time it is crowded. Thankfully that particular Monday evening was relatively empty.

Once I stepped into the outlet, it reminded me of Killiney Cafe...or one of those HK Style cafes...staff weren't exceptional in their service, you write your own menus, find your own seat...pretty much left alone, why bother having waiters or waitresses for that matter?

The menu was rather limited in offerings, prawn noodles, nasi lemak..laksa...curry chicken. That sums it up.

Between two of us, we shared...

Nasi Lemak Special, comes in a basket and banana leaf, coconut rice, egg, ikan bilis, blachan and...a fried chicken wing. Not too bad imo, just enough spiciness in the chilli but I found the rice too heavy on coconut. Nearly every table had this.

Pineapple Bun with Ham and Cheese. A little on the dry side, the ham and cheese did not quite compliment the dessert.

Kaya and Butter on Thick Toast. Three thick cuts on a slab of toast, the butter and kaya applied in blocks and drizzled with condensed milk, not too bad.

Two half-boiled eggs. It came in a bowl so small, looked funny anyway. We requested for "dark sauce", the waiter half hearted passed us a saucer with dark sauce, turned out to be sweet sauce. :/ Speechless with the service.

I don't drink coffee (which may have been a mistake since they ARE famous for the coffee) so...Lemon coke it was, wedges of lemon with a can of coke.

I doubt I'll be back, did not quite enjoy the food much. Service was a letdown. All in, nearly $18 for the meal.

OldTown White Coffee

Play Ground Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk B #01-08/09 Singapore 449874

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