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Mezebar @ Meritus Mandarin

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Family time it is, so off we headed to Mezebar at Meritus Mandarin for some good ole pigging out, the staff taking my reservation over the phone did not inform us of the two seatings they had! I wouldn't have taken the second seating from 2.30-5pm had I known of the 12-2pm one. Anyway, it's high-tea.

I've walked past Meritus Mandarin so many times and seen posters of the drinks promoting chilling at Mezebar...pretty tempted by the place.

Located on the second floor, up the stairs we went into a really cosy and cushy place...waitresses were polite and obviously, service I have nothing to complain about. Meritus Mandarin's the ONLY place I've been to that highlights the credit card promos at the start of the meal, kudos to them! At least they are aware and actively promoting. :) Liked that, from a customer's point of view.

Mezebar offers European spread for high tea. There's three sections in total, starters, mains, desserts. Quite an array of selection up to tempt our tastebuds..

The hilarious glass of water that came in a "Tiger Mug"! Like..huh? Especially for a hotel.


Make-your-own salad bar

Tasted quite good actually with the assortment of sauces (thousand island, apple cider, caeser dressing...) and add-ons (bacon bits, sliced carrot, tomatoes) , though nowhere near Pete's place salads!

Smoked Salmon with dill

Liked this! Not fishy at all, pity they didn't serve it with cream cheese. Would've been perrrfect!

Grilled zucchini

Nothing spectacular.

Octopus with pineapple cold salad

The pineapples are sweet. Seemed quite "thai" to me.

Deluxe Sandwiches (Roast beef, mozzarella cheese, egg with onion)

Hot favourite! Just normal looking rectangular sandwiches BUT they're soooo delicious! I had them with smoked salmon. :P

Prawn in Mango Shooter

Felt the prawn was too artificially juice was just o-k-a-y-.

Seafood Bisque with assorted bread rolls

Looks like pumpkin soup but it's got loads of seafood in it, clams, mussels, scallops...the bread rolls are yummy too! Onion...cinnamon or normal bread rolls. Yum!

Mains (I tried to remember the names of the dishes to the best of my ability!)

On the left plate...kueh pie tee, wilted spinach lagsana, lamb stew, clams, chipolata and steamed pumpkin custard. The shooter, pizza, sandwiches, smoked salmon...salad!

Beef Tenderloin on the wagon with Horse Radish, English Mustard and Sauce

Uber delicious. I had 5 thin slices of this. Pardon the pun, bloody good! Tender and very tasty. My mom and I agreed it's very flavourful, can compete with Lawry's (with the exception of the grilled ribeye!).

Seafood pizza

The pan-sized pizza sitting lonely next to the beef wagon actually rocks. Impressive. Very cheesy, bread's chewy...I ate...countless slices. *slurrrrrrp* If only it came with a dash of mozzerella cheese and chilli powder!

Steamed Pumpkin Custard Topped with US Scallop of Ginger Soya Jus

Chawanmushi...european style. Flavours aren't strong, pretty bland.

Chicken of Wilted Spinach Lagsana

Hilarious, "wilted spinach" cracked me up. I was going to crack a joke with the family about the "wilted" bit so I was going "The name of this dish is...", the waitress came along to clear the dishes and she completed my sentence "lagsana" !!! I don't know if I should burst out laughing annoyed with her for ruining my joke. =_=""

Anyway, pretty yucky. Not much of a taste and it was rather gooey a mass.

Oven Baked Sea Bream with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Olives and Capers

This...tasted and looked very oriental. Another bland one.

Chicken Kebab with Herbed Bread Crumbs

Chicken satay it is...with a European finish, a dollop of mayonnaise on top! all fried foods, crunchy and not very tasty.

Roasted vegetables

Looked too dry to attempt.

Kueh Pie Tee

An asian delight amidst the European spread...didn't mind it too bad, the shells are quite fresh! Just bang kwang (stewed radish and carrot), mashed egg and chilli prawns though.

White Shell Clam with Chardonay Wine Sauce and Vegetables Brunoise

Nothing spectacular, just creamy clams.

Grilled Veal Chipolata with Onion Sauce


Braised Lamb Stew with Carbenet Sauvignon And Root Vegetables

My mom makes a meaner stew...totally tasteless! The lamb tasted liked those you boil in soups...boil and re-boil...I couldn't tell what meat it is actually.


The spread of goodies...

What I ate! Assorted cookies...loved the jam ones best! Fruits...the creme brulee!

Flambe of Crepe Suzette with Vanilla Ice-cream

Ah, yummy!! Crepes soaked in honey and comes with a scoop of ice-cream. Decadent.

Palm Sugar Creme Brulee

Tastes more like the sago gula melaka dessert than creme brulee, was a tad disappointed.

Assorted Cookies

I'll give them props for this....Loved it tons! Especially the jam tarts...oohlala.

Raisin egg tart

Pretty normal bite-sized dessert.



Coconut Cake

I'm not a fan of coconutty stuff...neither am I for Mezebar's coconut cake. A lil too strong on the coconut.

Mango Mousse Swiss Roll

Another favourite, soft, light and good!

Chocolate Shooter with Mango

Longan Jelly


Scones with Whipped Cream and Jam

I actually liked this, not your usual European scones...somehow. Tasted good anyway.

Fruit Platter

Maybe it's the order I ate the desserts, fruits weren't sweet.

Mezebar surprised me with their selection AND dish names (like...root vegetables for carrot and radish..huh?)...baffled me with the oriental/asian additions when it's supposed to be European. An attempt to tease the local palette? All in, appetizers and desserts were noteworthy! Mains were a total letdown.

Service...good! At least they clear the plates fast enough!

Pity there's no "view" to enjoy despite being right smack in the middle of Orchard Road attributed to the ongoing construction work at the front of the hotel. :(

Not too sure if I'd be back for seconds...I've got an unwritten, unspoken rule about buffets though...the declining to date, I've not been proven wrong about seconds at buffets. Maybe I'll be back to chill next, their baileys platter and drinks look tempting!

1-for-1 OCBC promo, not sure of the closing date.

Meritus Mandarin Hotel
12-2pm OR 230-5pm

6831 6286 (MezeBar)

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