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K Box Lunch @ Suntec

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Kbox Lunch specials daily are a steal with nearly 3 hours of karaoke-ing AND a lunch set to boot! They've changed their menu so very often...I kind of lost track what they offer. I remember chicken rice sets...japanese bento sets with fruit, salad...sushi tempura too. The whole deal's going for $12.50 inclusive GST...

Now, they've got a choice of Pasta or Rice Burgers. The poor guy at the outlet had problems trying to tell us what they offer...they should have menus!!

After a good 10 minutes...this is what Kbox has to offer;

Pasta: Mushroom Cream Pasta OR Tomato Spaghetti

Rice Burger: Salmon, Unagi, Seaweed OR Unagi with egg.

My very safe and tasty choice of salmon rice burger with chicken nuggets. The nuggets are nice at the very least. The rice burger's nowhere near MOS for sure but still came warm and fragrant. Taste-wise, slightly fishy but not tooo bad as compared to...

The Mushroom cream pasta that took near forever to arrive. The bits of mushroom and thinly sliced meat was pathetic. Tasted sooooo bad, pretty tasteless dish to avoid for sure!

Kbox Lunch at most outlets

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