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Donuts @ Korea

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My fave buzz word, donuts! A humble looking bread with a whole...deep fried and dusted with icing sugar was it's initial foray into this hungry world. Not sure when donuts really started though, with many people laying claim over this fried snack. Come to think of it, nearly every country has the equivalent of this all time favourite snack..Americans of course have their famous donuts all over...Chinese have fried dough sticks (you tiao), Indonesians have their Donat Kentang, a potato doughnutthat comes in ring shape and is made from combination of flour and mashed potatoes, coated in powder sugar or icing sugar..and aussies have the jam donuts.

I'm a self-acclaimed huge fan of donuts. Locally, J&Co...Donut Factory, Donut Empire (Previously Munchy Donut)..Swiss Bake, Donut & name them I probably have sunk my teeth into them but the two must tries on my list of Donuts are actually Dunkin Donut and the King of it all, Krispy Kremes.

Dunkin's available in nearing countries..and I've lugged back dozens of those sugary goodies just to satiate the for Krispy Kremes...I've finally eaten one after soooooo long, after reading and hearing so many good things about it!

The recent trip made me uber happy knowing Krispy Kreme can be found there!

Dunkin Donuts
Tried two different types of donuts, the left star-shaped one is called "sticky dough donut" or sth along the lines of it, made of glutinous rice, green and red bean, very korean indeed. Unfortunately didn't fancy it hugely.

The right's mango filling donut with sugar dusting, soft, chewy, absolutely yummy.

The individual packing's soooo thoughtful! Quite a first for me~ Usually individual donuts are either given in paper packaging or even worse, a tissue.

Krispy Kremes
The legendary...(L-R) Oreo, orange filling, cinnamon, raspberry, green tea cheesecake, chocolate rice, glazed cake, chocolate with lemon custard.
Overall, felt they are not too bad...just didn't warrant me lugging another box back. Maybe the over-expectation. Felt the sugar glazed ones are the best! Of the lot I liked green tea cheesecake best and the glazed cake. Not that overly sweet. The major redeeming point that sets Krispy Kremes from the rest? Even after several days, they still taste that good after microwaving, kudos!

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