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Astons Specialties @ East Coast

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Aston's Specialties is another of those on the list of "regular hangouts" and I've more or less stuck to just one dish every visit, just to see how much the standard varies with each visit.

As with every dinner time, it's usually crowded, waited nearly 20 minutes for my turn. Service was quite prompt throughout and I settled for my usual...Black Pepper Steak (medium well) with 2 sides ($11.50), this time I opted for their french fries sprinkled with curry power and pasta salad. The steak was tasty and tender, would have been better if it were slightly more grilled. The sides never disappoint.

Prices seemed to have gone up since the other visit though. Well..without service charge and's still quite worth a visit!

Maybe it's time to try the other outlets they have...Astons Prime and Express...!

Aston's Specialties
119 East Coast Road
(Opposite Katong Mall)
Tel: 6247 7857
1130-2300hrs(Close on 1st Monday of each month)

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