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Airline Food @ Korean Air

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I've been told Airline food tastes different in mid-air and on ground level. Perhaps our senses are numb in mid-air hence the food has more flavouring i.e. spicier, saltier etc. (That's what I think at least!)

Here's the inflight meals served enroute Korea with Korean Airlines.

To Korea; Midnight flight, Supper-Breakfast (served 3+ am in the morning)

Supper's just the regular drink and packet of roasted peanuts which I gave a pass for sleep.

Breakfast! A choice of a korean vegetable-meat and rice dish, Bimbimbap OR Omelette with sausages. I opted for Bimbimbap with a steamy bowl of miso soup. Oh the rice comes separate. I was quite amused with the tube of paste you have to squeeze over the rice. Mix is nicely...yummy! Quite enjoyed it though the paste was somewhat spicy.

From Korea; Late Afternoon flight, Tea-Dinner-Supper

Tea; the usual drink and roasted peanuts. The peanuts are addictive! Crunchy and tasty. Perfect with guava juice/beer.

Dinner...a choice of bimbimbap or seafood set. I decided to go with the seafood set after countless meals of all things korean. It comprised of bread roll with butter which I found to be dry, squid and fish fillets in tomato sauce and potatoes...I liked it very much. The fish fillets were fresh and chewy.
Dessert...of cheesecake ice-cream! Oohlala, was a pleasant treat! Enjoyed every spoon of it.

Supper! This was a surprise, I thought the meals ended that, talk about surprising your customers. :) A choice of Gimbap (korea's version of a sushi roll), Pizza or chips. The Pizza smelt so good, I had to have it. Tasted really good too! Although it's just cheese and tomato paste and well heated, I savoured every bite.

Overall, pretty good food on Korean Air!

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