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126 Eating House @ Sims Ave

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One of the rare nights I indulge in supper because the Dad brought back something piping hot and...deep fried. Gosh, I mentioned the unmentionable in the world of calories.

A platter of fried items;

Curry puffs with potato filling

We all loved it! Gives oldtimers like OCK and even Polar a run for their money! The pastry isn't too thick nor flaky, the curry filling is deliciously spicy regrets taking in the calories!

Springrolls with some meaty filling

Did not fancy this hugely because it was on the sweet side and very unlike your usual vegetable springroll.

Fried paus with char siew filling

Just normal.

Ham Chim Pang with red bean

Interesting take on it, tasted really like a chinese doughnut, the dough is chewy and goes quite well with the red bean paste.

Definitely will be patronising them for the curry puffs soon enough! Well worth the late night calories indeed.

126 Eating House

No. 126 Sims Ave

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