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Super Dog @ Downtown East

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One of the "new"-er additions in the fastfood scene is SuperDog, a first of its kind of fastfood in SG actually, sans DairyQueen-Orange Julius which offers the regular hotdog/cheesy hotdogs...not sure if they still sell hotdogs though. There's also the famous German stall in Chinatown...and Gogo Franks at Takashimaya and all over the island. That is actually about it, for the hotdog scene here.

Sunk my teeth into the Spicy Italian topped with garlic onions snug in lightly toasted hotdog buns. ($5.80). Found this a little on the salty side, the sausage was oily too! Couldn't really taste the spice in it, just the chopped chilli bits that did not pack a punch, much less an oomph. I'll give them credit for the warm, crunchy toasted bread that went really well with the garlic onions that were rather appetizing. The problem with an overloaded hotdog is...I end up eating it separately, the bread and relish, and finally the sausage.

Nibbled the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dog with fried egg too! ($4.60) This was another huge oily one to handle. Calories, has it all. The same topping as the Chilli Cheese Fries though. Not a wow I must admit.

Chilli Cheese Fries..($4.20) Superdog's one of the few places that offers Chilli Cheese Fries (with beef!), with Carl's Junior as one of the other alternative. Portions-wise, Superdog already loses...taste? It's just...alright.

Breaded Fish and Chips ($5.80). I quite like this actually! Different from all the salty stuff they've got. The fish is crunchy and not that doused in oil. The chips are similar to the fries...salted ones.

A pricey fastfood affair in all honesty, but a change from the usual Mcdonalds/BurgerKing..Not sure if I'd be back anytime soon though!
Burgers are also available too.

Super Dog

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  1. I love Superdog! I've tried quite a few of their menu items, including the signature Superdog, and strangely when it comes to their hotdogs, my favourite is the cheapest one- Chicken Ripper.

  2. really? I feel superdog's a tad too salty for my liking..:P i prefer my IKEA hotdogs anytime!