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Pepperoni Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave

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A first at Pepperoni Pizzeria at Greenwood Avenue, nicely tucked behind NJC and Raffles Girls' Primary School...a stark reminder of a mini Holland V, only much quieter and less crowded. Lining the stretch are the ever famous Lana Cake Shop, Sebastien's...Raku Japanese Restaurant...

The place is rather casual...with drawings lining the wall...the inside of the eatery resembles a courtyard for some reason...felt somewhat like a courtyard in a foreign land (think brickwalls and climbing wall plants). They do provide crayons for random scribbling on the paper table cloths...think Out of The Pan...not sure if they still allow that there.

Had a go at a couple of appetizers though very unfortunately not all were captured on camera!

Typical must have at any restaurant..Calamari which I had none of. Pretty good, from the response of the rest of the eaters.

RUCOLA SALAD - rucola with tomato, parmesan cheese and balsamico dressing

Rucola's a typical vegetable seen in most Italian dishes...not your normal raw vegetable, it's got a acquired taste to it. I liked it, refreshing.

PARMIGIANA - baked eggplant and tomato

Nothing spectacular about this dish, just eggplant and tomato.

This particular dish which I failed to catch its name, a sparkling one of grilled portobello mushrooms with chicken slices. Awesome one, I loved how the focus of the dish is the portobello mushroom and not the chicken. Flavours were nicely executed.

The mains of 22 inch (it's GIGANTIC, fills the whole table or nearly...) pizza...half of which was seafood (squid, scallops, fish) and the other half was sausages and portebello. The crust is paper thin, crunchy infact.

Main grouse about the pizza is, the gravy and cheese gets to the crust really easily, rendering it soggy after a shortwhile. Between the two flavours, preferred the sausage/portebello one better!
22 inches is good enough for 6 people, actually more than that. I'm pleasantly surprised, they actually do cater for the big eaters and deliveries of 22 inch pizzas are done too!

Overall, quite a satisfying meal but I'm not that high on the pizzas or the appetizers...have tasted better I reckon. But for portions and value, Peperroni wins handsdown. Service wasn't too bad either...

Pepperoni Pizzeria
6 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289195

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  1. Folks you might have to divert you dinner plans about going there because this Restaurant caught Fire and burnt up Sunday, 7 Dec '08.

  2. Drove past this place a week ago, it's still there! :)