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First Thai @ Purvis Street

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Purvis Street's one of those that has many food gems...Chin Chin Eating House, Yet Con, Miss Clarity's belonging to the cheaper options...Garibaldi and YhingThai belonging to the classier and First Thai sits in between. I'm a huge fan of Bangkok, not just for retail therapy but also their cuisine!!! What makes travelling so enticing is, you can hardly find authentic food anywhere else but the country of origin, I was quite interested in First Thai all along...given the crowd-syndrome and the good reviews from fellow netizens.

Armed with two fellow foodies, off we went to First Thai!

A couple of rigidities of First Thai
  • Cash payment only
  • You're only given seats when everyone is here, short of one person? You jolly well wait.
  • Queues!

The waiting time was relatively short, from the ticking of menu items to the serving of the first dish..all in maybe 10 minutes?

The place has got a rather nice feel to it, minus the heavily mis-decorated place..imagine Keanu Reeves, all the monarchs in the world..elvis presley on the walls..chinese paintings!

Oh, and your cutlery's found under the table proper.

First dish, tom yum soup small! Packs a mighty punch...sour-spicy goodness. *shiok* The prawns aren't the best I've eaten, neither are they the big head prawns Thailand is famous for..but the soup more than made up for it.

Second, Pineapple rice..also small. Handfulls of pineapples were strewn all over the dish with pork floss. A very fragrant rice dish, rice was fluffy, made eating it so just can't stop eating this...mouth after mouth. On hindsight, maybe that was the cause of my indigestion later that night, I ate too much. :P

Thirdly, Minced pork and chicken with basil leaves. This dish came after much confusion. We initially wanted Green Curry but alas, it was sold out by 745pm. It took three different waiters to convey the message before we finally got the dish right. The service aside, I lovvvvve this! Very spicy with chilli padi peppering this meaty dish...the meat bits were yummy as well.

At this point, we should have stopped ordering but we didn't and went on with Pad Thai. The thing about good food is you don't want to end up not having enough to eat or still hungry, so that's the rationale behind the last order. This was a tad too sweet, imo. It's quite different from those I've eaten in Bangkok...the vegetables servings at least! First Thai serves chopped cabbages...


My coconut juice, refreshing drink. Wldn't have minded if they had more coconut flesh in it!
Yoghurt drink..on the sour side but equally good.

Lime juice was somewhat over the top with the sour taste. Didn't fancy this.

By the time we left the place, we were soooo full, no space left for any thai dessert. :(

All in, $47 for 3 pax. No GST, anytime I'd choose this over Thai Express/TukTuk/Siam Kitchen/Thai Accent!

A pretty good experience at First Thai, trust me to be back soon. All three of us felt it was good. I've found my answer to Authentic Thai food! (They've got a cert that certifies their serving "authentic thai food"! How true is that!) I've already got in mind what I'd wanna try next! (Papaya salad...Soft shell crab, Green Curry, Mango with glutinous rice...!)

23 Purvis Street
(Opp Chin Chin's)
Closed on Mondays

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. mmmmm papaya salad and softshell crab sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I could go!

  2. :) you should have a go at any thai food joint near u!

    have you tried any thai food?