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All things healthy - Snacks

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The sad fact about food (that tastes good and bad) is the calories that plague you, most in a guilty way and some in guiltless. I'll admit in engaging in healthy snacks once a while to diffuse any dissonance after gorging a really sinful meal...or basically keep my calorie intake in check.

I kind of introduced muesli bars to the office...Alpen's been the choice for a couple of weeks now...and my colleagues have been cute and generous enough to pass me new brands to try every few days.

Here's the lowdown of rabbit food land! It fills your stomach, but definitely does not satisfy the cravings.


Under the famous healthfood, Weetabix...Alpen Bars range is delectably yummy.

I've tried...

Alpen Bars

Alpen muesli bars are better than the cereal they've got but, they're equally good if not better! Imagine cereal packed in a bar, but better.

Alpen bar Apple & Blackberry

Love the yoghurt topping, makes this health food yummier than it already is, I can eat bar after bar. The crunchy muesli isn't dry like most are..neither does it have wheat flakes which makes swallowing extra dry. Highly recommended, I've converted quite a few lovers already.

Standing at 117 calories per bar, light!

Alpen bar Strawberry & Yoghurt

Another of the yoghurty goodness, between the two, I prefer Apple & Blackberry better. Still a delight though!
Sanitarium Fruity Bix Bars (Wild Berry)

I've eaten this for years, until I got so sick of it. :P It's one of the healthier but not so palatable ones around because the yoghurt coating is thin and it's basically a wheat-flake bar. Hence makes eating it extra messy.

F&N Yoghurt Renewal (Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Bar)

Of the lot, found this to be the softest in bite, probably due to the composition of this healthbar, just nuts and fruit. Not cloying sweet, just right...the rawness of the nuts made this delicious. Felt more like a nut bar more than your usual muesli.

Uncle Toby's

Yoghurt Topps Strawberry/Apricot

The strawberry one's another favourite, extra tasty and almost like a real fruit bar! Strawberry bits aren' too artificial...the only grouse, it gets sticky. Between strawberry and apricot, I'm leaning towards strawberry, the taste isn't too artificial. Nonetheless, a treat!

Soyjoy, Fruit Soy Bar (Apple)

Soyjoy, Fruit Soy Bar comes in a really handy bar, the type you can slot into your handbag really nicely.

At 137 calories a bar, it's very much like your muesli bar. Opening it reveals a cake bar! Was quite surprised, was anticipating your normal peanut/wheat bar peering out.

Taste-wise, it is cake, the taste needs some getting used to. Leaves this aftertaste in your mouth though. Reminded me of a guiltless christmas cake with the generous chockfuls of raisins you can find in the small bar.

Overall, I didn't mind it that much...a new twist to healthy eating!


Calories and good food never goes hand in hand, be honest...the more nicer tasting stuff the health food has, chances are it will pile on the calories! Yoghurt's a better alternative to cream, muesli's a better alternative to junk a nutshell, healthy snacks.


At the slight nudging of a bestie who claims these are sizzling hawt in the US of A, I totally forgot about Nature's Valley Granola Bars! These are arguably the best tasting ones (a tie with alpen's!) around. The bars are heavy on wheat and oat but still very tasty with the other goodness that goes into it.

Oats & Honey/Peanut Butter/Cinnamon

These are sold in a mixed box or as individual flavours. I love peanut butter best! Tastes exactly like the real thing, it's almost like eating peanut butter in its health-ier form. Crunchy and yummy. =)

Credits: All graphics except soyjoy and yoghurt renewal aren't taken by me.

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  2. try nature valley oats'n honey. it is THE cereal bar over here-there are days where I have seen at least 3 of my classmates eating it during breaks.
    that is one rabbit food i can eat.

  3. haha, i edited that in! what's ur fave flavour?

  4. omg where did you buy all these goodies?? I cant seem to find them anywhere :(

    1. NTUC or Cold Storage would stock all of them. Hope that helps!