Thai Village @ Stadium Walk

Special thanks to Thai Village for hosting!

The space previously occupied by Le Bistrot has been replaced with Thai Village which is a bigger surprise since they were also at Kallang Leisure Park before.


Since Mouth Restaurant, I have been paying attention to achar every time I go to a restaurant.


This green ginger sauce is the one to look out for infact, goes well with most of their dishes.


Deluxe Cold Dish


This is a platter that I would want to see at wedding dinners or even lunches, filled with enough deliciouse eats on a single platter. Specialities unique to Thai Village include the prawn roll that is presented like a cigarette, salted egg and preserved meat fritter and poached chicken.


Braised Superior Shark's Fin with Crab Meat

The much frowned upon delicacy, Thai Village presents it in style in a single claypot brimming with a humongous fin. Ethics aside, they do their broths excellently and this was possibly the only dish that did not warrant any form of conversation whilst consuming it. Yes, it is that hearty for rainy days.


Braised Duck's Feet

I am not a poultry feet person so this was averse to me. That being said, the dark sauce was exceptional, particularly tasty with rice.


Cheese Baked Lobster


Cheese and lobsters, my kind of a holy grail. I just needed a buttered roll to make this all complete.


Baked Crab with Vermicilli


The richness of the food finally ends with a crab vermicilli. I love the way the vermicilli was done, al dente despite the intense fire that this was cooked over. The crab was well done too - tuck into the claws for a sweet juicy deal.

Had it not been for the essence of time, I would have stayed to enjoy the rest of the indulgent dinner.Pan-fried Japanese Wagyu Beef, Baked Cod Fish, Abalone Rice and Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts were some of the other dishes that I missed.

Thai Village
Singapore Indoor Stadium