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As much as I am aware that Hongkong is considered part of China...I'm still separating it for easy access. :)

China...somewhere down the ancestral lineage, I would have hailed from a province called Guangdong. Unlike my peers who would trek and make their way back to Hainan province and stay weeks to reconnect with the past and relatives, I have no clear blood connections back there so perhaps that explains why I feel no urge to head back and trace my roots. Anyhow...before I got so obsessed with food..I have actually covered the main touristy cities namely Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Those documented here are of course repeat visits and honestly, China is quite a food and shopping haven.

I remember crying out of shock during the first visit to Beijing more than a decade back when the shopowners stop at nothing to get business - including hollering in your face, tugging at your jackets..close to carrying you into the shop! The most hilarious incident would go to the family's decision on a dinner place; find one that has patrons dining. Yes we found one - but the "patrons" were actually their own people eating!


What makes them famous

Nanxiang Steamed Buns - Xiao long baos, their most famous export after Taiwan. Be prepared to queue big time!
吴地人家大酒店 - Hairy crabs!

Pastries, cakes, cookies...things to lug back and distribute

Ichido - Their version of Breadtalk...!
唐餅家 - Their equivalent of L.E.Cafe's moonpies.
Shanghai Harbin Snacks - Freshly made, uber yummy...

The other bits...

M on the Bund - Miele's guide stamp of approval!
La Ciel - French dining with a view to match!
Zaffraan - Breakfast 50 storeys high!
Paul - My first taste of French Macarons, albeit franchised. XinTianDi's an uber happening area...mostly patronised by expats.


What makes them famous

Quan Ju De - Roast Duck King
Da Dong - Roast Duck EMPEROR! My favourite!
Sincere Restaurant - Same building as Wang Xiao Fei's Club Lan!
Grand Mansion - Performance with dinner, think kungfu-gymnastics-magicians!

Street food!

Wangfujing Food Street - Food takes on a completely different meaning in China.

The other bits

Rose Town Restaurant - French food in a glass house
Park Plaza Hotel - Location's quite good...a stone's throw away from Wangfujing.
Lounge at Park Plaza - Chillin! So hard to find a lounge to chill in Beijing, at least around the hotel!
Golden Palace - Restaurant in a tourist trap.
Provision shop finds - I brought back more than what I ever needed.
Pocky in China! - I rummaged high and low and guess what I found!