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Christmas @ One Ninety, Four Seasons Hotel

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~Invited Session~

 I love Christmas for the whole feels - the chilly weather, the spirit of gifting in general and the feasting that ensues. This is Western CNY happening just before my own CNY.


Hi there, a cute little nutcracker.


Christmas is not quite complete without an alcoholic drink, this comes with a snowflake design and strawberries!


Corn Bread 

These bite sized nibbles are great as pre meal appetizers and go great with a lather of butter.


Cream of Chestnut Soup 

I mistook this as mushroom chestnut actually but the sweetness gave it away. Slightly nutty and really creamy, this totally fits the theme.


Seafood Platter 

I have had many seafood platters and finally here's one that got me sitting up and wishing nobody noticed how equally good it is. Fresh boston lobsters deshelled without a hint of brine - it sounds almost impossible but One Ninety did it. They were so thoughtful, each seafood was carefully de-veined and deshelled before being fitted back into their shells. Prawns too were so sweet, deshelled and de-veined. Clams and crab legs also gave this a luxurious touch - I hardly even bother with crab legs but boy, these were just so delicious.DSC_8403

Duck Liver Parfait and Jamon Iberico Go Bellota 

Velvety smooth liver parfait made everything else pale in comparison on the calorie and taste scale though I'd say the sweet rock melon cubes were a close contender.


Truffle Mushroom Risotto


Lauded their signature, the creamy risotto has a lovely earthy aroma and paired with freshly shaved truffles, twas heaven on a plate.


Oven-Roasted Organic Turkey 

Turkey slices completed with chestnut stuffings, cranberry sauce and roasted root vegetables.


Spiced Pumpkin Souffle Cinnamon Ice-cream

This is totally christmas in a dessert with hints of cinnamon and spice. Not to mention pumpkin too!


These too cute to eat Petit Fours rounded our meal up.

It was a fabulous showcase of what One Ninety has to offer, for a fact, the seafood platter was the most outstanding and I would return just for that.

One Ninety 
Four Seasons Hotel

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