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Dragon Inn @ Explorer's Lodge Hotel, Hong Kong

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Dragon Wind it was for our Explorer's Lodge leg of the stay and breakfast it was for Character Dining.


Prices and timings of the buffet.


There are areas for group dining and also cosier corners but by and large catering to the Asian diners who prefer dining at round tables.


Each table gets a photo card that you can use once during breakfast and that also meant I had to queue! Bummer.


The day always begins right with eggs and a dash of soya in total china man fashion.


How about some bacon, brocoli and mushrooms which honestly is more asian than western.


Can it get even cuter with these baby mickey toasts?


The Japanese spread at Dragon Inn's is quite impressive, on top of eggs with bonito flakes and some pork neck in miso.


Oden at breakfast anyone?


Not forgetting beef brisket noodles with beef balls after Enchanted Garden's awesome possome beef brisket soup! The beef brisket was decent here and we


Once again I fell prey to these Mickey shaped carrot walnut and blueberry muffins. Maybe sticking with the non Mickey items is safer.


Hi there Minnie who posed for me on the way to her photo sSpot.


Both Mickey and Minnie in explorer outfits!

Dining at Dragon Inn is a must if taking photos in the famous mice is a must in different outfits.

Dragon Inn
Explorer's Lodge Hotel

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