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Auntie Gaik Lean's Old School Eatery @ Bishop Street, Penang

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Auntie Gaik Lean's is a household name for Peranakan food and a number of our own dignitaries have made this a pit stop on their itinerary. Reservations are recommended though walking in with an available table does take lady luck shining on you.


Black jelly and nutmeg soda just because we are in Penang. Nutmeg is a local specialty and each visit sees me lugging back preserved nutmegs and nutmeg balms even. This in a drink is definitely something different and I was not expecting to even like it, yet I did.


When in doubt and hungry, go for the platter. I was so glad we did, especially with the assortment of appetisers that came with it!


Ngoh hiang, fried springrolls and vegetable fritters were so addictive! That homemade achar too, definitely made a meal of this platter.


Sambal brinjal was rather forgettable though visually it was most certainly a tease.


We were recommended the stingray curry because they were the daily's catch and this was just so tasty! I love my stingray not reeking of the sea and fresh stingray is the way to go. Piquant curry and this meaty slab made me think twice about sambal stingray being the best way to eat stingray.


Curry Chicken because everyone said to try and this probably did not work for me as much as the other dishes. Watered down version of curry and lacking in spice.


Until we had the otak otak, a mushy version of what I had in mind. Please skip this.


We found a brand new way to eat popiah stuffings!


These lettuce wraps are mighty healthy and delicious too. This became a reference for all our dinners from then on and the popiah craving is strong.


I love my petai beans and these came with shrimp too! Once again I wish the spice levels were way stronger than what they have.


The bill came to close to RM 250 for the above and 4 plates of rice. It is pricey for Penang standards and I suppose for the brand that it holds too? It is a lovely place to visit and check off, I may return for that nutmeg drink, platter and stingray curry though!

Auntie Gaik Lean's Old School Eatery

No.1, Bishop Street
Penang, Malaysia

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