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Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House Revisited @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

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Blue Lotus has undergone a couple of tweaks to their menu and I was truly bummed to find out a number of my favourite dishes were given the axe. That said, I too discovered other dishes that warrants a return too so it is not so bad a trade off too?


Hickory Smoked Honey-Glazed Kurobuta Pork Belly ($16)

I remember having very awesome char siew at their Sentosa outlet and this was a far cry - too much fat and it was mostly hard to chew. Big boo for this since I did have a really memorable version back then!


Pan Roasted Barramundi Fillet, Szechuan Style Pickled Chilli ($28)

On point perfectly seared crispy skinned barramundi fillet with a piquant pickled chilli side. This would whet the tastebuds greatly but I do miss the spicy version so much.


New Zealand Green Lip Mussels Garlic and Chinese Hua Tiao Wine ($28)


Now now, juicy and tender mussels with bursts of flavor. This is not as intense as the white wine mussels I have eaten or cooked but this dish was so tasty I wish we ordered seconds - and this hardly comes from me because mussels are difficult to master this well. Sold, several times over!

Those fried mantous were great but totally superfluous when it came to such an outstanding dish.


Salted Duck Drumstick Confit, Mushroom Barley Risotto ($26)

Fancy a Chinese restaurant doing justice to a French delicacy - and they did, though traditionalists may think other wise. Crisp skinned duck drumstick that literally fell off the bone in such tenderness and a droolicious barley risotto that sparked off my interest in barley risottos all over again.


Roasted Spanish Iberico Suckling Pig, Citrus Spicy Dressing ($38)

Portions are a tad stingy here though it was a delicious portion. I definitely wished for some paella here to complete the dish... and with Spanish and French executed so well, what can't the team do?


Grilled “Gong Bao” Assorted Vegetable Platter ($18)

The only vegetable dish with a medley of root vegetables, brocolini and mushrooms flame grilled with a coat of sweet sauce - vegetables can taste this good!


Braised Hokkien Noodles, Pork Lard & Sliced Pork Jowl ($22)

KL style Hokkien noodles with a generous coat of sweet dark sauce and sprinkling of fried lard bits. Satisfying, sweet and so worth the calories.

Yet another stunning meal at Blue Lotus - I can only say, see you again...soon.

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House

Tanjong Pagar Centre

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