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Matsuzo Potato @ Shaw Centre

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I love my sweet potatoes and the one at Dddonki were laced with so much syrup, I started looking at other alternatives.

Matsuzo Potato at Isetan Shaw is right next to the shop selling petit pastries and specializing in just sweet potato. Hailing from Japan, it is a no brainer why it is located at Isetan and has a steady stream of supporters.

Matsuzo Set ($16) allowed me try almost everything except for the sweet potato stick that was really just a pastry rolled into a stick and caramelized. 

The largest one was the Sweet Potato Cake ($3.30), and looked like an open faced baked sweet potato brushed in syrup. Turns out, the sweet potato is mixed with egg, sugar and flour before being baked into the skin - talk about being delicate! I like the texture of this, creamy, smooth and a hint of sweetness.


Shaped like a pineapple ball, this was sweet potato rolled in a ball and baked with sesame seeds on top. Does not help it is cute like a button!


Also similar to the one above, this comes in a different shape.


This is a combination of yellow and purple sweet potato in a confectionery.


This came with a chocolate coating and the bittersweet chocolate coating gave the treat a lovely contrast. My favourite of the lot!

The treats from Matsuzo were surprisingly very filling given its size, I would head back for the chocolate coated confectionery! 

Matsuzo Potato
Shaw Centre, Isetan

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