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Fatfuku: Peranakan private dining, lost and found recipes

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After Lucky House Seafood I was hooked onto private dining and what luck when Fat Fuku next on the list had seats for us! Plus, rounding up 7 other likeminded foodies was a breeze in the park so there we had a date and I was looking forward to a good meal!


Amongst the first things that caught my eye at Annette's house was this jar of White Rabbit sweets, they bring such nostalgia I wondered if they were just part of her decor and turns out she cooked with them!


Keropok and chilli dip as appetisers. These peranakans really know the good snacks, these crunchy fish crackers were really addictive.


My only grouse is this green chilli was barely spicy! Dang.


Fat Fuku's Signature Dry Mee Siam

Those quail eggs and freshly fried curled up prawns made me drool, alongside with the fried bee hoon pancake that would magically dissolve into a tasty mee siam soup with a generous drizzle of the gravy.

I wish I had seconds but then again, with just one serving I had problems finishing all her courses - such a dilemma!


Devil's Chicken Pie

One would not have thought this was remotely Peranakan, somehow pies are ingrained in me as western food.


With a delicious pie crust and a dry curry chicken and sausages, we sailed through our second course without much heat. I was definitely expecting a single course that would blow my senses away with the spices.


Pork Belly Buah Keluak

The usual ayam buah keluaks are my favourite and pork belly definitely has a different taste altogether though the same nuts are used.


Eaten with briyani rice and it's just so good! Belly fat, meat, buah keluak gravy and rice - I sense a food coma looming and fair enough, it did happen so very quickly after.


This chicken was lurking around in her open concept kitchen and I wonder what could be up her sleeve.


There, an onion, chilli roasted chicken in gravy. I definitely lost track of its name and this was vaguely chinese with all the flavours. Once again missing out on some punchiness.


Nobody can fault that tender chicken meat though. So good with rice - now if only I did not eat too much carbs earlier on and Annette is way too smart in serving carbs first. Else this and rice would have sealed dinner for me.


Nope, the meats did not stop. We finally arrived at a Beef Cheek Rendang, a collagen laden dish and had it not been for all the meats I inhaled, this would have been my favourite.


Did I already mention I love surprises? This jackfruit curry definitely was the best saved for the last - fruit and seed in a coconut curry gravy. Not spicy at all and how strange is it consuming the whole fruit like a vegetable!


Spot the edible seed!


The meal ended with Creme De Leche icecream and salted caramel sauce and pearls, courtesy of her very capable German Helper, the Thermomix. Word has it Annette is also a regular at Thermomix's cooking classes, so I guess if you're keen on any of her recipes, a cheaper way is to join those classes!


Dessert did not stop at one, we had kueh bingka next. I had seconds of this hearty one! Kueh and me are just BFFs.


Freshly baked seasalt chocolate cookies always resonates with me.


Crispy, chewy and chocolatey to round things up.

I still did not get my spicy dish at the end of the meal but definitely discovered alot more about Peranakan food than I started out knowing. At $90 a head, this was by no means cheap but these are budding home cooks who clearly shop at the regular wet markets without any economies of scale. Truth be told, I am still going for a few more private dining meals - it's a different experience altogether from the usual restaurant and one thing's for sure, always go with good friends to share the calories and fun for the night!

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