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Burlamacco Revisited @ Amoy Street

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Burlamacco is my favourite Italian eatery of the year - and thanks to that lobster linguine that got me hooked. Service is always great for us, somehow having a toddler in tow helps when they are extra accommodating and take the effort to disturb the fella.


These complimentary foccacia loaves are our life saver indeed, at least in keeping the toddler so occupied.


Truffles Fries ($14)

Big on portions and missing out on the truffle fragrance, so the price tag is a hefty one to pay just for fries.


Air Flown Burrata (300gr) Cheese Served With Ripe Tomato ($48)


Burratas are my favourite soft cheeses and there is just no words when you get one so fresh and milky, I could just eat cheese for dinner if possible. The milky strandes and explosion of milk in every bite is plain bliss for cheese lovers. Even the tomatoes tasted great but this is definitely returning for.


Pot-Cooked Black Mussels in White Wine & Herbs ‘Guazzetto’ ($24)

Twice and still as charmed with all those plump mussels. Gotta love the wine infused gravy too - their focaccia loaves (if you haven't already had seconds, is worth thirds just for this dish).


Linguine with Boston Lobster Tail in Spicy "Arrabbiata" Sauce ($34)

The same is said of this dish, still as good with the al dente noodles and I love that spicy after taste. Lobsters of course made it such a value for money dish too. 


Tagliatelle Served With Sea Prawn and Clams in Squid Ink Sauce ($28)

Squid ink pasta tossed in sea prawns and clams, this briney one goes straight into the books of non first date dishes to order. Tasty and I classified it as an Italian version of mee pok.


‘Cacciucco’ Traditional Tuscan Seafood Stew with Garlic Bruschetta  ($38)

This hearty stew is a must order, all the day's freshest in a bubbling pot and bring an appetite for this because portions are huge. 


Spaghetti Pasta Served with Sea Urchin and Bottarga ($38)
Half Lobster Tail ($12)


I found a new love this visit and what more with sea urchin too! Umami in every twirl and sea urchin with bottarga has to be the combination from now on. The last few sea urchin pastas eaten were served chilled and this had to be a first for a piping hot dish too - worth every calorie and I am planning a return just for this! 


Pappardelle with Pork Leg Ragout Marinated 7 Days in Red Wine ($32)

I had high hopes for this somehow and was slightly disappointed with the vinegared pork leg ragu. The dish just nosedived and I rendered this a try only if you do not have options.


Traditional Porcini Mushrooms Risotto with Fresh Herbs ($30)

Our choices could have hit rock bottom with this as well, served cold and almost uncharacteristic of a risotto dish.

Yet another stunning meal at Burlamacco's, except with new misses I am curious about the other dishes - almost like unchartered territories piquing the most interest.


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