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Roo's Gastrobar @ Frankel Avenue

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Roo's Gastrobar at Frankel is another place to consider during this World Cup season, they open till midnight and dish up both small bites and drinks! I can imagine this space coming alive once the matches start.


Heaps of seating spaces and a reasonably big screen.


Tandoori Chicken Pizza ($20)


Cheesy and topped with a toothsome tandoori sauce. The tandoori chicken slices could be more generous but I am definitely not complaining when cheese is life for me.


American Style Pork Ribs ($22)

These were recommended and I like the consistency of these sticky ribs, the too soft and tender till they fall off the bone type does not appeal. This had more bite but the fries were too salty.


Butter Chicken Curry Fiesta ($22)
Briyani , Naan, Poppadom, Onion relish, Dhal makni

I was drawn to this curry fiesta and truly this is for the fickle and hungry. You get a bit of everything! The butter chicken was creamy and tangy, dhal they claim is the best around and I have to concur on good not quite the best. Briyani was a clever inclusion just incase the naans did not fill one's appetite.

Overall a really hearty course.

I would recommend their indian dishes over the western, otherwise I am bookmarking this place for a return!

Roo's Gastrobar
87 Frankel Avenue

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