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Para Para Sakura....!

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No money to fly Japan for Sakura? There's Gardens By The Bay...else...Singapore is slowly getting the hang of having Sakura themed desserts in March-April. Hooray for fad lovers and even with Easter around the corner, I took more interest in checking out the Sakura desserts instead.

Soompa this is #notsponsored, I hunted these treats on my own, so enjoy the food porn!


Taste of Sakura is available from 15 March to 31 May available at leading BreadTalk outlets.

Sakura Kanpai! ($6.20) both topped with a layer of sakura-infused pudding garnished with sakura blooms. It tasted artificial unfortunately, that sweetness that lingered on and sakura itself tasted like preserved plum.

Other variations include  Sakura Snow Cheese, Hai Cheese and Hanami in Bloom.

Four Leaves

Sakura Mousse ($4.50), pudding topped with pink jelly and the only thing that differentiated theirs from Sakura Kanpai is the nuts at the bottom. As artificial as both tasted, I thought this version was more delectable.

Sakura Steamed Cake ($1.80)

A tad too sweet in fact and paired with a floral fragrance, this was more palatable than the mousse cakes attempted. I do like how soft the steamed cake is, and the less is more approach to this highly sough after flower.

Flor Patisserie

I was so sure the Japanese confectioneries would take this on like a champ, and how right was I.
Sakura Tofu Chiffon ($15.90)


Sucha pink delight, spongey light with hints of sakura and I'd say this is their best tofu chiffon flavour to date.



Sakura Soft serve ($6.90)

This seasonal special is part of their special flavour and between this and their sakura green tea drink, my heart went straight for the soft serve. I mean who can resist a sakura soft serve? And possibly the only place in Singapore that offers this!

Pink, sakura flavoured, soft serve. My favourite sakura dessert this season though it does end up a tad sweet as with all the other sakura desserts attempted and the sakura essence is far stronger than those in Japan (according to the Tokyo frequent flyer).

Juccheim Baumkuchen
Takashimaya Food Basement

Sakura ($18)

The sample itself was enough to wave me clear of this way too sweet Japanese kueh lapis. The sugared crust made this sweeter than sweet.

Dairy and Cream
Sakura Swiss Roll

This food blogger turned home baker has been churning out fuwa fuwa rolls that sell like hotcakes the moment she announces on instagram. This sakura roll is a limited edition one, sakura manuka honey sponge, soft fromage in the center, sakura cream and lastly sakura flowers. This savoury sweet roll pulls a surprising one with the savoury and sweet finish when one would have just expected nothing but sugar, sweet and all things sakura with this.

Whilst it is advised to be consumed after thawing from the fridge, I liked it straight out of the fridge. Chilled and denser, otherwise it got a tad soggy. This is a close favourite together with Matchaya's.

Dulcet and Studio


I could have stumbled upon the best this season towards the tail end of the season, better late than never I guess?


Sakura Chiffon ($7.80), light, floral and so fluffy. And the main differentiating factor is the whipped cream filling that greets inside. Another surprise is the konnyaku jellies on top that gave it added texture.


Aih, why are you so fleeting Sakura? Can't wait to reunite with you next year!

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