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Izumi Fish Market @ New Upper Changi Road

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Thanks to Fave, I paid Izumi Fish Market a visit with a pretty good deal. An appetizer, mains and drink for just $7.20 and dinner too.


Organic Salad ($3.80)


Fishcake salad was a mishmash of marinated ingredients but I am not complaining - these were really appetizing!


Octopus takoyaki balls were crisp with more batter than octopus and a generous drizzle of mayo and bonito flakes.


Chicken Teriyaki Skewer and Salmon was probably the most decent of 3 bowls, you get both salmon and chicken in sauce and sesame seeds.


Chicken Curry Katsu Don

There were clearly two batches of chicken katsu here and while I liked the crispy skin, I am not a fan of boiled skin on chicken. The curry mix was A-Okay, with more onions than carrots and potatoes.


Saba Don too was doused in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds but still a better option than curry katsu don.

Prices are generally affordable in this heartland find, a decent alternative for affordable Japanese fare.

Izumi Fish Market
59 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-1232

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