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Dragon Boat Festival 2018: Joo Chiat Kim Choo

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I grew up with Kim Choo Dumplings but that is not to be confused with Joo Chiat Kim Choo.
The latter is now based at Fook Hai Building, noob me overlooked that they now belong to Neo Group.


Nonya Dumpling (From $3.80)


Minced lean pork and winter melon strips is rendered the sweet bak zhang that I favour least back then. As a child I had ideas how certain foods should taste and nonya dumplings were confusing to me. Sweet based dishes should be desserts.


Salted Dumpling with Egg Yolk (From $3.80)
braised pork, chestnuts, mushrooms

Hokkien by origin, this has been the family's choice for decades. I love the egg yolk first then the rest of the ingredients. Throw me salted egg yolk and the deal is sealed.


Emperor's Dumpling ($10.80)
Canandian pork, 22 different spices, dried scallops, gingko nuts, chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms


This together with the salted dumpling is my favourite and a truckload of ingredients that get buried within the sticky rice innards. If anything I get sold on chestnuts and lap cheong so there you have it, me and my weakness.

Their savoury dumplings are on the saltier side yet that said, I had a really filling few meals out of these!


Prices will vary for the nonya and salted egg dumpling depending when these dumplings are purchased.

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